Bonsucro is a global network providing tools, connections and support across the sugar cane industry to help develop professionalism and resilience in the businesses who work with sugarcane and its many products.

Bonsucro’s vision is a sugarcane sector with thriving, sustainable producer communities and resilient, assured supply chains. Bonsucro’s mission is to ensure that responsible sugarcane production creates lasting value for the people, communities, businesses, economies and eco-systems in all cane-growing origins. Bonsucro’s strategy builds a platform to accelerate change for the largest agricultural commodity in the world – sugarcane.

The Chain of Custody (CoC) Standard within the Bonsucro certification concerns the supply of a product including all stages from the feedstock production up to consumption. From our growers right through the milling and refining operations, it’s proof that we are sourcing and trading responsibly.

The Standard enables traceable information to be transferred to the next supply chain step; and allows companies to make on-product sustainability claims.

Source: Bonsucro

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