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The SQF Program is a leading food safety and quality certification system that is recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI). The program was designed to meet the needs of suppliers and buyers, to ensure their compliance with food safety regulations in both domestic and global markets at all stages of the supply chain. The SQF Program is a food safety and quality certification system including primary production, food processing and related industry, such as packaging and animal feed.

There are three levels of certification. Each level is designed to indicate the stage of development of the producer’s food safety and quality management system. The design of the levels within the code, allows every supplier, from the smallest farmer to the largest manufacturer, to be eligible for SQF certification.

Suppliers must establish pre-requisite programs incorporating fundamental food safety controls which are essential to providing a sound foundation for the production and manufacturing of safe food.

In addition to Level 1 requirements, suppliers must complete and document a food safety risk assessment of the product and process using the HACCP method, as well as an action plan to eliminate, prevent or reduce food safety hazards.

In additional to Level 1 and Level 2 requirements, suppliers must complete and document a food quality assessment of the product and its associated process, to identify the controls needed to ensure a consistent level of quality. SQFI has combined the SQF 1000 Code, for primary producers, and the SQF 2000 Code, for manufacturers, distributors and brokers, to create one standard for food safety from farm to fork. Additionally, by requiring both regulatory and customer compliance, the SQF Code is equipped for an ever-evolving market.

In addition to the SQF code, SQFI standards have expanded to include an ethical sourcing code and management system.

Safe Quality Food Institute.

Our product range is Halal certified.

The primary reason for Halal Certification is to serve the national and international Muslim communities in meeting their religious compliance.

Our product range is Kosher certified.

Kosher certification is a standalone international quality standard that offers reassurance to consumers about the safety and manufacturing processes, as it highlights that the product has been independently checked by a reputable organisation.

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