Our product range is comprised of a variety of sugar products; including white, raw, caster, icing and brown sugar, as well as molasses, golden syrup, treacle, and liquid sugar. We also sell a food grade molasses to food manufacturers and processors, and a mill molasses to primary producers.

In addition, we produce 100% Australian, certified organic and ready-to-fruit mushroom grow bags.

Low Gi Sugar

Low GI Sugar

Sunshine Sugar Low GI Sugar is a wholesome, raw sugar that retains the naturally occurring and beneficial antioxidants, just as nature intended. 100% natural, low GI sugar is more slowly digested, absorbed and metabolised – resulting in a lower and slower rise in blood glucose.

Available sizes: Single serve, 1kg, 15kg, 25kg and Bulk.

Food Grade Raw Sugar

Sunshine Sugar Direct Consumption (DC) Raw Sugar is relatively free-flowing and sandy to light brown in colour. Made at Condong near the base of the majestic Mt Warning; this sugar is sweet tasting with faint characteristic aroma and flavour of molasses.

Available sizes: Single serve, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 15kg, 25kg and Bulk.

Molasses Product

Molasses and Syrups

Our range of industrial syrups and molasses blends cater to a range of food and beverage manufacturing uses. Products include Liquid sugar, Treacle, Golden syrup, Brown syrup and Sunsweet, along with Food grade, Premium Blend and Mill molasses.

Available sizes: upon request

White Sugar

Made at our own sugar refinery, our white sugar is the result of meticulous washing process that cleanses all molasses and other impurities from the crystals. Sunshine Sugars White Sugar is graded, pure white and free flowing; making it easy to store and ideal for colourless applications.

Available sizes: Single serve, 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 15kg, 25kg and Bulk.

Sugar Packs 1
Sugar Packs 2

Caster Sugar

Sunshine Sugar’s Caster Sugar is a fine-grained and high-quality white sugar. Its’ small crystals are free flowing and free from all molasses and impurities. This popular baking ingredient dissolves quickly, making it perfect for desserts, sauces, meringue, mousse, whipped cream and beverages.

Available sizes: 1kg, 2kg, 3kg, 15kg, 25kg and Bulk.

Mushroom Grow Bags

Our ready-to-fruit oyster mushroom growbags are now available for bulk sales.

These bags are made in Australia from locally grown sugarcane straw and supplemented with organic ChampFood. Registered for ACO Certified Allowed Input (for organic farming), available varieties include Spoppo (Sylvan spawn), Yellow Oyster, Pink Oyster and Blue Oyster.

Quality Assurance

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