Australian botanical water from sugarcane has been realised at the Condong Sugar Mill in Northern NSW.

CEO of Sunshine Sugar, Mr Chris Connors said; “Australian beverage maker, AquaBotanical, invented an award-winning way to harvest the naturally stored water in fruit and vegetables at the same time as juice concentrate is made. Using this process, we are now able to use every available drop of water contained in the stalk of the sugarcane plant to create a new sustainable source of botanical drinking water. In short, we grow water.”

AquaBotanical Executive Chairman, Terry Paule, remarked; “Retailers can see the convergence with plant-based foods and sustainable living that we have been predicting for the last five or so years, and we’re excited to be a world first market leader with our patented technology”.

Installation of plant and equipment at the Condong Sugar Mill is now fully operational and has commenced full-scale water from sugarcane production.

Mr Connors added; “Sunshine Sugar remains focussed on the long-term sustainability of our industry. From our successful Low GI Sugar to this exciting water project with AquaBotanical – we are an industry that continues to look for future-focussed and strategically aligned ways in which to innovate and diversify.”

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