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Whether it’s sweet or savoury, snacks or desserts, more and more Australians are spending time baking and experimenting with foods and flavours in the kitchen.

With this focus on food, more people are wanting to know where their food comes from and understand the connection between the crop in the paddock and the ingredient in the pantry. And with increasing concern for the planet, people also want to know their produce has been farmed or produced ethically and sustainably. Added to this is the patriotism of Australians with is a growing commitment to supporting Australian grown, made and owned.

Sunshine Sugar is proud to be the only 100% Australian grown, made and owned producer of raw and refined sugars with Bonsucro sustainability certification. From paddock to pack, all steps in our production are certified with our growers, mills and refinery promoting sustainability for thriving and resilient northern rivers communities.

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