The NSW sugar industry continues to show its resilience as it reaches the pivotal point of the cane season when crushing reaches the half-way mark and cane planting begins.

Just 18 months on from the catastrophic flooding of 2022, the three NSW sugar mills have achieved an impressive milestone by crushing almost 600,000 tonnes of the projected 1.2 million tonne 2023 crop. Consistently good cane quality, high purity, and a high CCS (sugar content) are a result of favourable harvesting conditions and the reliable performance of the mills.

Since June 30th, the Harwood mill has processed over 210,000 tonnes of cane, boasting an average CCS of 12.5. In addition, both the Condong and Broadwater mills commenced crushing operations on July 3rd. Condong has processed approximately 185,000 tonnes of cane with an average CCS of 11.4, while Broadwater has crushed over 140,000 tonnes of cane with an impressive average CCS of 12.1.

The future of the NSW sugar industry looks promising, with growers keen to capitalise on record-high prices and maximise the planting window from now through to the end of the year.

The 2023 plantings represent a significant step in the ongoing recovery of the cane production area, which suffered significant setbacks due to the 2022 flooding.

In another positive development, the industry welcomes Scott Thompson as the Operations Manager of the Harwood Mill and Refinery. Scott brings a wealth of experience to Sunshine Sugar, with an extensive background in various industries, including packaging, print, beverages, and confectionery. His expertise spans operations, sales, logistics, procurement, and project management.

Scott assumes his role in the historic 149th season of the Harwood Mill.

[5 September 2023]